Elena Quirici




With the sponsorship from Sporthilfe I can cover a big part of my costs. Since I started with competitive sports, Sporthilfe has supported me and the contribution has become more and more important. I am grateful for this valuable support since my childhood.

The energy boost for my hard workouts. I am so happy to have UCC Coffee by my side. For me the best coffee there is in the world, try it yourself.
I would like to thank UCC for this partnership. Thanks to you I always have enough energy and I can prepare myself optimally for my tournaments.

Amsler & Frey AG is supporting me on my way to the Olympic Games and the time after. We have many things in common, which form the basis of our partnership. I am very much looking forward to this cooperation and I am grateful for your support.


The company based in Schinznach Dorf will support me on my way as a professional Karate player. It makes me proud that this wonderful company from my region supports me and believes in me. Together we are unbeatable.

I would like to thank Bosshard AG for their support and belief in me since I was little. Together we are unbeatable and colorful.

The Aargau Karate Association has supported me for many years. This year I can again count on the support. I am happy that my home karate canton believes in me and helps me to achieve my goals.

Unfortunately, injuries or small "pain" belong to the everyday life of a high level athlete.
I am so happy that with the partnership with Logo Parts I am well equipped and have the best material ready.
Thank you dear Jenny for all your support.

Credit Suisse has been a proud Platinum Partner of the Swiss Sports Aid Foundation since 2021, and the strong bank Credit Suisse has also been supporting me on my way to the top since 2021. I am super happy to have you as a sponsor, because you help me to achieve my goals, but through the exchange with you I grow even more as an athlete and person. Thank you very much.